Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Year of Doing Alternatives

It's been a year since writing on this blog, which I often think about. The previous post about starting the Center Cafe to complete the development of ecoNewBedford describes much of the past year. My design-build management skills continue to make the business. It's a process I express as "plan to execute" within a masterplan framework.

Presently a really cramped and make-shift apartment in Beacon Hill is being transformed into a  more spacious and appointed place. What's alternative about this is how it's being done - there's a tight budget, many repairs, yet an efficient plan. The owner knows that through design the most will come from the investment; so refreshing.

The Weatherization Program at UMass Dartmouth has also been expanding this year. I obtained BPI certifications and a Construction Supervisors License. I have proctored the field exams for Whole House Air Leakage Control Installers, and have prepared a proposal to to launch a worker's cooperative to meet local weatherization needs.

The ecoNewBedford project expanded again during the past year to include a shop called Off-Centre of finds-repurposed. It's been a good, relatively uncomplicated, design outlet, but we are working on converting a Retro Favorite Stove into a wine cooler and cabinet. This has been a more intensive undertaking in the midst of the multiple projects.

The rentals in Boston and New Bedford, plus the Cafe, continue to bridge and diversify working as an alternative architect during this economy. And because of this, the workings of "plan to execute" will be covered in a new blog named the same.

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