Thursday, June 23, 2011

Architecture Meets Business Development

It's been much too long since posting, but the time was well spent expanding the opportunity to practice architecture. For some time I have worked to develop an income property that has required persistence and fortitude in the ongoing recession. With this project, though, doing nothing was a worse prospect than moving forward in an uncertain economy (see ecoNewBedford) . As an under-employed architect, I found myself increasing my skills and putting away a lot of sweat equity. With so much going on, there was truly no time to be discouraged by limited work. Now I experience bit by bit I am filling in this financial hole.
The final effort has been opening a cafe to activate an empty storefront, and every design skill, and life skill, I ever learned has been put to use to make this neighborhood hot spot flourish. This is turn benefits the property (ie me the architect), which in turn benefits the neighborhood, and a little economic "solar panel" just keeps producing energy. See
So now as an architect I build business too, and it seems so logical since isn't that the point of so much of what we do?

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