Friday, June 5, 2009

Connected By What We Do

I recently caught my friend and co-creator Larry Haley on NECN talking about his current work with YouthBuild in Worcester. Larry and I have a long history of working together amidst geographical separation and individual demands. Almost ten years ago Larry put me to work doing construction so I could develop into the design/builder I needed to be, and we have worked on and off many times since then. Take a look at Larry's work and see the connection.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Builder's Impulse

I am intrigued by the prevalence of what I call a "builder's impulse" in so many people. Perhaps this gives us a tangible experience of the style we choose and our abilities to pull it all together. Often there's a history of building we are exposed to and seek to continue. As a designer one of my roles is to facilitate this impulse. If you have "builder's impulse", try to use and engage resources to make your project the best it can be. I've added a  link to Suite 101 where a web-based course in remodeling floor plans is available to test out your ideas and create the space you imagine. See free lessons in remodeling floor plans.
Reaching your final goal will involve a variety of resources and collaborations. Leave your questions as a comment.


As time allows I meditate about artifacts of the future as solutions for the present. A recent google alert to  a posting
Thrilling Wonder Stories: Speculative Futures for an Alternate Present  allowed me to make an alternative statement about the future.
At this time of flux it is essential for some of us to truly imagine the future, but I am not sure how fantastic the form must be. Imagine what's produced when organic and authentic creative forces combine with technology and information. Our communities are not doing so well with designers playing to the top, and in effect relying on the status quo that isn't treating people so well. My hope is the winner take all mentality with an emphasis on star-chitecture has reached an end. There's something else to create drawing from within.

Framework for Populism

Back in 2000-2001 I completed an architectural thesis that stressed ordinary and everyday architectural style combined with the local economy. In my work I continue to work out themes of the modern urban craft that supports an ordinary and everyday urban renaissance. AlterNative Architecture brings value to the process through a creative architectural practice supported by practical ideas.

Boston Architectural College Thesis