Sunday, March 15, 2009

Show Your Work

Using the slideshow capability of the blog is a excellent way to show projects. These are examples of work that did not make to our website

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Virtual Workshop

I am hoping this blog can be a showcase for the architecture projects we generate for ourselves. Small design firms especially know how to value the creativity and craft that can go into an everyday project. A fellow  practitioner who puts himself into his projects is Mark Three Stars. His website is

A virtual workshop includes sharing our construction ideas, experience, and success.  We can catalog a list of:
  • alternative materials or techniques we have used
  • where to have pieces fabricated. 
  • what were your essential tools
  • subcontractors you used
Here we can collaborate, and form teams for proposals or projects. Consider what projects are important right now, and how creative design adds spirit to even the most ordinary moment.

Cascieri Continues to Inspire

Last night's Cascieri Lecture delivered by Steve Badanes of Jersey Devil workshop, provided the perfect impetus for this blog. At the reception and after the lecture, conversations with BAC friends centered around expanding the way to practice architecture that honors our whole being and confronts our perceived limitations. Since 2001 effortlessdesign has practiced an alter-native architecture. Like Steve said it hasn't been easy, and it is definitely slow. 
There are lots of challenges of being fully employed to use our skills and further develop our capabilities. Yet on this road we have completed projects, and had tremendous fun building. Particularly at the community level, using the design-build workshop, effortlessdesign encourages designers to have a vision, be engaged, and practice. Staying connected, and sharing our work on the web will increase our opportunities.