Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art of Construction

Since January instead of saying "Architecture for the New Economy", I have been using "The Art of Construction for the New Economy." I feel this better represents what I practice; how are we going to make this and how are we going to make it happen? I have just been reading Milton Glaser, a renowned graphic artist, who writes about making things as the alternative to controlling things. For me alternative architecture is spontaneous making. Glaser also writes "The deepest role of art is creating an alternative reality, something the world needs desperately at this time." Glaser reminds me of a Buckminster Fuller statement about "the encouragement of human beings in the world of design give to others." and I wonder if they had ever met.

I don't think that spontaneous or alternative is frivolous in fact for me it is probably pretty serious. But it also becomes joyful. (see slideshow)

Despite this recession there's still plenty of money around. It would be exciting if people thought of using their money for making investments that create jobs. In the built environment there is so much work to be done to keep what's built from costing us money (or worse). Architects need to use their experience to cross-mentor with builders of various skills. Upgrades and repairs are needed, and making things that relies on trained local labor, recycled, or efficient materials presents marvelous opportunities for a new reality focused on the improvements and benefits made. (see more on the new economy)

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