Saturday, December 12, 2009

Affordable Energy Retrofits

Most of my alternative architecture is about learning. This energy retrofit began as a recycling effort for the econewbedford project. At the Theosophical Society in Boston leaks in the roof developed in the winter due to ice dams, and an effective way to deal with them is to create a "hot roof" (actually stays cold in the winter!) At the TS it was more practical and economical to insulate the attic rafter bays with a hybrid foam/rigid insulation. The house has neither ridge nor roof vents, and at least one half of the rigid insulation was donated.

Here the recycled pieces of rigid insulation were packed into the rafter cavities and sprayed over with handi-foam. On the end wall a similar technique, but joints filled in with Great Stuff (cheaper and worked just as great, but more time consuming)

In part of the attic where the rafter bays are not accessible, the ceiling was treated with reflective mylar bubble wrap. After you get used to the shiny surface, you notice you feel warm. The futuristic effect reminds me of the SOWA loft closet using Panelite (see middle of slideshow).

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